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Friday, February 26, 2010

Caress Winner!


 Josh and Carrie Anne said...

I shower whenever I get the chance. I prefer the mornings but it is rare that I get that opportunity. Sometimes I shower at night but then I wake up with crazy hair. Sometimes I shower after Josh gets home so he can watch the kids while I get fresh. I almost NEVER shower during naptime though hate to waste my few quiet moments in the shower!


Hope you enjoy your exfoliating!!!
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Caress before you dress!

Isn’t that what their slogan used to be?
I admit I am not a huge body wash girl.  I am a boring plain soap user.  So when Caress asked me to try out some of their new Skinwear Collection line of soap and body wash, I thought
“Sure, why not!” 

I am the Queen of dry skin in the winter.  So an exfoliating body wash…right up my ally.

They sent me the body wash and bar soap of Evenly Gorgeous.
Evenly Gorgeous by Caress is an exfoliating body wash/bar. 

Caress claims that these products:

“gently exfoliate and lusciously moisturize to reveal smooth, even toned skin.” 

I have been using it now for past 2 weeks and honestly am quite pleased with it... and think it meets up to its claims.

~~Both have a Great Scent –
Burnt Brown Sugar and Karite Butter
I thought at first it might be too similar to cocoa butter for me (which I am not personally a fan of) but the scent is not as strong as cocoa butter, and not vanilla.  It is definitely a scent I like.

First—the Exfoliating Body Wash

  • Lathers up well…really well.
  • Can even wash face (watch exfoliating grit near your eyes, but I liked the exfoliating factor on my face)
  • Could smell it after shower for a while – I like this
  • Dropped the bottle (3 times)and the cap didn’t break
  • My skin really does appear not as dry

Things to consider--

  • Not great to shave with (because of the exfoliating grit)
  • It’s definitely more of a wash than a scrub

Next--  The Exfoliating Beauty Bar

  • All the same great things above other than the fact that unless you rub the bar on your body, you don’t get the exfoliating factor. 
  • Personally, I like to rub bar soap on my hands and then wash with my hands or a washcloth… so if you do that you don’t get the benefits of the exfoliating
  • The bar soap does not leave that dry your skin out kind of clean feel… for bar soap it is VERY moisturizing.

Overall thoughts??
I have enjoyed using the products and think if you are a diehard Bath and Body Works body wash user, you should branch out and consider this (much cheaper than BBW)

I like smelling like this sugary goodness WAY more than just clean “soap” .  It added a feminine touch that left a lingering scent… great on nights when I shower before bed.   

Caress wants you to give them a try too!  

Leave a comment!!
And share whether you shower in the morning
or evening… or while babies nap! 

I will randomly choose a winner on Friday and Caress will send you some Evenly Gorgeous products to try out for yourself!

*Disclosure- Caress did not compensate me for this review.  They did, however, provide me with products to keep for the purpose of this review. The above review is my own opinion and thoughts on the product