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Friday, June 17, 2011

Easy canvas Prints- WINNER

Sorry for the delay the past few weeks with the giveaway!  I am excited to announce that the winner is

Little Llamas Reviews   Easy Canvas Prints

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I will contact you to let you know how to redeem your Photo Canvas! If you didn’t win, you can still order a beautiful canvas creation!  Easy Canvas Prints is currently running a discount of 25% off and free shipping.  Enjoy!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Easy Canvas Prints

When you have as cute of kids as I do, you might as well plaster your house with pictures of them!  

I love taking pictures… and when I have a memory to cherish I love displaying it in a great way.  I had been eyeing numerous different canvas prints for a while, but couldn’t quite commit.


So let’s just say I was thrilled when Easy Canvas Prints contacted me about reviewing one of their Photo Canvases.   We had literally just wrapped up Easter and I was in love with a certain photo of the children.  I hopped on the website and found it SO easy to use, and I had my canvas ordered in less than 5 minutes.  

Canvas Pictures

And the canvas arrived in about 4 days. (I am not sure what they guarantee on shipping, but I was shocked how fast it got to me!)
It was carefully wrapped in plastic and bubble-wrap and carefully boxed.  The Canvas was in great condition and the quality is excellent.


Oh my cuteness!  Don’t you just want them to stay that huggable forever???


Makes me smile in the morning.

And I am sure in 15 years when those cuddly faces are all grown up, it might just make me cry a bit… remembering all of their huggable cuteness!


This is so you can see the sides of the wrapped canvas.  You can choose to have the photo wrap around or get a “mirror image”.  With my picture, Helen’s face was right on the edge of the picture, so I had no “room” to wrap it around.  I was so thankful they offered the mirror effect.



Now, just know that a 16x20 canvas sounds big, but think how big your walls are above your couch, dresser, etc.  Unless you have things to go with it to form a grouping, a 16x20 is going to look really awkward on it’s own.   See this Awesome blog post from photographer Amy Ro about always going BIG with photo prints for walls unless you are doing a wall collage.

I think a 16x20 flanked by 11x14 or 8x10s would look nice, or a grouping  of four  8x10s o11x14s would look really cool.  I hope to get a second 16x20 to put up with that one to complete the wall space more.

The one challenge with canvases, while they are beautiful and a great addition to our homes, you can’t just switch them out when the kids take a better picture… so you want to choose an image you love, and can love for years to come.

Russel-1226-S1-0019b     -IMG_0924     Fav 6

Some thoughts on ordering a photo canvas--

  • Consider timeless images
    • Infants, capturing childhood, weddings
  • Family Shots
  • Close ups of faces and group together 
  • Black and whites—simply timeless!  I would decorate my whole house with Black and whites if I could
  • Landscapes or landmarks of places you have been


Card pic 2
Ask yourself the questions---

  • Would you send this shot out as a card?
  • Does this image portray the memory you are trying to capture?
  • Could you see this hanging in your house in 10 years? 

If you are thinking of trying out a Photo Canvas, give Easy Canvas Prints a try.  This would be a great Father’s Day gift!

And… to sweeten the deal, Easy Canvas Prints has offered to GIVE one you dear readers your very own 8x10 Photo Canvas with 1.5 inch Gallery Wrap

                   That’s right…..

It’s a Giveaway!!


How to Enter the Giveaway

1— Comment Below an name a memory you would like to capture on a Photo Canvas

Extra Entries

2--- “Like” Easy Canvas Prints on Facebook.  And just let me know you did. 
3--- “Like” Little Llamas on Facebook

-Winner must be over the age of18, and shipping must be within the continental US. 
-Entries will be closed on Friday.

*Disclosure—Easy Canvas Prints provided me a canvas for review and a canvas to give away


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Imagination Movers

I was so excited when US Family Guide offered a group of bloggers tickets to some shows they were promoting in multiple cities.   I scanned the list of cities and spotted Washington, DC and the show coming was Imagination Movers from Disney Jr.

So last Thursday, I packed up my crew and headed across town to Lisner Auditorium on the Campus of George Washington.   This auditorium was the perfect size in my opinion for a kids concert like this.


The opening act was Choo Choo Soul and they really got everyone excited and movin!


I was so impressed with how the venue and the concert staff handled such a large crowd of children.  It felt safe and contained (had people at every exit so there would be no “escapees”),  
allowing parents to relax and enjoy the show with their children!


Each of the Movers Made a special grand entrance and they all came out into the crowd and into the aisles throughout the show.


The crowds went just a little crazy when “Nina” came out. 
Let’s just say she has  some admirers!

IMG_0060      IMG_0058

It was a really well done show that kept both children and parents in awe!  It was so fun to see my children so excited.


The absolute highlight of the evening came when an alarm sounded from the “FUN-O-METER” and Confetti fell from the ceiling.


I mean, just look at Charlotte’s face… Pure Joy.

Overall, it was a great show, and a fun family experience.   Our concert time was 7:00pm and we got out at 8:45.  So if you have an early sleep time, you might want to consider that.  (Helen was getting pretty tired)  We were able to enjoy the show, while also avoiding the “Souvenir” booth and snack bar.  HA!   My kids have never been to a show like this, so they didn’t really know they existed. 

Some suggestions on going to shows with kids--

  • Dress your kids in distinct outfits and remember what they are wearing.  There are MASS amounts of children, and kids go out in the aisles and up to the stage.  You could easily get separated.    This would be a great event to write your phone number on your child’s wrist in case you are separated. 
  • Bring your own glow sticks/necklaces, party horns, instruments.  Anything that will help you enjoy the show!
  • Have everyone well fed before hand, and go potty right when you get to the venue.
  • We sat in the middle section of a lower level (close to the stage)  This was ideal for seeing the performers out in the aisles and in the crowd.   I am not sure the price difference in tickets, but I would suggest to sit as close to the stage/aisles as possible. 
  • Leave all theater etiquette at home.  Stand up, walk through the row to get to the aisle.  Let your kids kneel on the seat.  Move down to avoid “Aunt Betty’s” big hair.   Let loose and let your children enjoy the fun!


So, if you have an opportunity to go to fun shows with your kids, do it!  You can often find great prices on tickets through promotions, and Deal Sites.  One in particular that often has discount tickets for events is Goldstar

** Disclosure **
US Family Guide Provided me with 4 tickets to this show.  The thoughts and opinions above are my own.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby Jogger Glider Board

I posted a few weeks ago a review of my Baby Jogger City Elite Stroller.  Today , I bring you a review of the recently released, long anticipated Glider Board.

The Glider Board---
  • Attaches to any Baby Jogger Stroller in the City Series--Mini, Elite, and Select or the Baby Jogger Summit.   
          (I really don’t know if it works on other brands) 

  • Holds up to 45 lbs

  • Allows the angle of the board to be adjusted

  • Can pull out or in (closer to stroller) depending on the needs of the child

  • Easily folds up  and straps to stroller when child not on the board.

  • Wheels pop right off for easy folding.

  • The Glider board is current $69 on Amazon.

You easily attach the Glider Board by clipping it on your back axle, and tightening the straps.
You can then pull out the Glider Board.   And in the middle of writing this review I decided I just needed to video it--- it would make SO much more sense! 

Please humor me by watching this hilarious video.  I am SO not cut out for video reporting.  And why does the still image always stop on a horrible place in the video??

Helen holding on with handle bar above her.  My preferred position for younger/shorter children.
Helen holding on with Handle Bar lower.  Shorter children could actually hold the handlebar (like H is doing) , while parent holds the the above cross bar.  Or with older children, I’d have them hold above on the cross bar, and parent holds the handlebar under their arms. 

Things to consider
  • Only works up to 45 lbs.  So Charlotte it too big (and too tall) though Carson still works great on it. 

  • With the City Elite, the Handlebar needs to be adjusted depending on where you child’s chin and head hit.  With smaller children I find putting the handle Above them works best (see above pic) and with older and taller children the handle bar kind of hits them in the head, so I find putting the handlebar down, and you holding the handlebar under their arms works better. I think this isn’t as much of an issue with the City Select.

  • You need to teach your children “we only get off when the stroller is stopped”.  Especially rambunctious boys (ahem, maybe like mine)  who will think this is a super cool kind of skateboard…. if they bounce off real fast, or lean back, the weight pulling on the stroller can tip it back.  Children do not need to lean back, or bounce, or try and “skate” with this board.  They need to just stand up straight and hold on and simply enjoy the ride.   

  • Leaving the Glider board attached makes it harder to fold up the stroller.  You have to lift up the Glider Board (attach with straps) and then you pop off the wheels (I toss them in the storage basket below).  The easy fold  techniques still works, its just doesn’t quite fold as flat. 

    But, the Glider board is SO easy to attach, that I don’t mind just popping it on and off when I need it. 

Overall thoughts and opinions
  • Great for when you just are past the point of needing a double stroller.  I want my kids to be walking, so a double stroller is not practical for me.  But there are times when it’s just too far of a walk.  12-15 blocks is about our kids’ max.  It is nice in those times to let them walk a little and ride a little. 

  • Would be great for Disney or other trips like that when your non strolling child might need an occasional lift.

  • Not seeing how practical it is for someone in the suburbs (you wouldn’t use it a brisk exercise walk), but someone who lives in the city and uses a stroller as a main source of transportation, this is a great add-on.

**I was provided a Glider Board by Baby Jogger for my personal use to test and review.   The above thoughts are my own opinion.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby Jogger City Elite

We ended up with a Baby Jogger City Elite and we LOVE it! 


Here are some of the stroller’s best features

  • Awesome tires and great suspension
        We glide right over uneven pavement and misplaced 
        bricks in the sidewalk
  • 1 handed fold (see video below)-  One word…Amazing!
  • Storage—it’s great and roomy.
  • Huge sunshade--- people stop me mainly to ask about my sunshade.  (see pics below)
  • Parent “console” pouch.  It holds it all. 
  • Easy to steer one handed.  This is critical when you are walking 4 kids to school (we do a carpool walkpool with a neighbor down the road) and pushing a stroller.  I need to be able to hold a hand while crossing the road.  I can with this stroller…easily.
  • Adjustable handle pushbar—great for the 5’4 mom and the 6’4 dad. 

Check out the awesome Sunshade…

IMG_0137    IMG_0141IMG_0138      IMG_0139


And the Great Recline…
Goes to an almost complete flat recline.


One Handed Fold

Just in case you don’t believe all those claims of
“one handed fold”…
We’ve heard that before from stroller companies…

But this one… they really mean One Handed Fold.
It is THE easiest stroller to fold I have ever had.


(note—Sorry about the plumbing van behind me…I can’t choose who parks on the street on any given day.  And I realize I actually used 2 hands in the first part of this clip… if you have 2 hands, why not use them?  But really I often only grab it with one hand and use the other to help carry the weight of the stroller.)

Things to consider

  • No drink holder
    (but I can fit a bottle of water or coffee thermos in the parent console)
  • Have to buy adapter for carseat
  • It is a pricier stroller, but worth it.  If you are a city dweller, I think a quality stroller is a necessity. 
  • My model is a 2009.  The 2010 is slightly different in that it has a hand break instead of foot break, forever tires, and a firmer back I believe.
  • The City Elite is not intended for Jogging/running.  Though the front tire can lock and I have taken mine for a light jog.  If you are a serious runner, I would look into the Summit or the Fit Jogger (both Baby Jogger Brands)  or other strollers intended for running. 

**I am a deal finder---

You can often find great steals on quality baby gear.  With my stroller, I purchased a 2009 model, even though the 2010 model had just come out…saving me over 30%.  I also encourage friends to look at sites like or for deals on strollers or coupon codes. 



Adapters or Accessories you can buy

  • Drink Holder
  • Car seat adapter
  • Baby bassinet/pram (soft or hard)
  • Rain cover (though off brands work well with it)
  • Foot muff
             (a JJ Cole Toddler Bundle me is working great for us)
  • Hand muff
         (this looks awesome! and totally wish I had one this winter!)
  • Belly Bar for front of stroller
  • Child Tray
  • Glider Board for toddlers to ride on back
        (stay tuned for a review of the Glider board!)


For those who don’t need the big tires involved with the City Elite, but want something more than an umbrella, I would suggest a
City Mini.  I see these ALL over Capitol Hill.  It is like a rainbow of City Mini Strollers at the park!  And just like the City Elite, it has the amazing, one handed fold where you just pull a strap.  

For those who want a more hi-tech stroller, with many options, including transforming into a double… you should consider the
City Select.  It is a phenomenal stroller, that if I had 2 babies so close together again, there is no doubt I would want this stroller.


There are 16 different configurations for the double. Amazing.

Best Double Strollers: Baby Jogger City Select

*Disclaimer--  I purchased the above mentioned Baby Jogger City Elite myself, and the above views are my own opinion.   I was sent a Baby Jogger Glider Board to enjoy and review (coming soon).