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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


If you are a Wii owner or own a Wii fit, I was recently offered a great product to review that is a great addition to your Wii workout.   I think you are REALLY going to like it.

Enter the….

Riiflex 2lb. Dumbbells for Wii


To help me out with the review, I enlisted my sister (owner of the Wii) to test drive these babies and offer her thoughts on the product.

JulAugSep 234
You simply place the controller and/or nunchuk in to the weights
and play the game or workout as normal…but not normal, because now you have a great addition of weights to your workout game playing!


Hallie was working out to the Gold’s Gym Cardio

JulAugSep 237

You think at first that 2lb weights (4lbs if you you use both) really won’t do that much, but this isn’t strength training here. 
Adding even a light resistance to cardio, sports games, etc can give you a significant workout.

JulAugSep 238

Hallie said she was sore for days afterwards.
(Look at that form!  NICE, sister)

So as the cold weather moves in… move your workouts inside too, and get more out of your Wii Workouts with Riiflex! 

Things We LOVED about the Riiflex
-You can add the weight to any workout.  Even games like tennis, bowling , dance etc

-Great suggestion was if you (an adult) are playing a child in a sports game, add a weight to your controller to “even out the playing field”

-Really ads a great workout to already cardio activity

-Easy to insert controllers and nunchuks.  Some weights created for use with wii are cheaply made and really hard to get the controllers in

-Feels like a gym quality weight (rubberized grip) – not cheap plastic. And you can use them even without the Wii controllers on your own, or walking outside

-Compatible with Wii Motion Plus


Some things to consider---
-It can only hold 1 controller and 1 nunchuk, not 2 controllers.  So if you have a game that uses 2 controllers or 2 nunchuks, you can’t use both weights


You can follow Riiflex on Twitter and Facebook
And you can purchase Riiflex Dumbells on Amazon (Affiliate link)


Also—my readers can get $5 when you enter the
Coupon Code DUMBELL at Amazon’s checkout!

So, Hallie gives Riiflex 2 thumbs up, and hopes it helps her to stay in shape this winter by upping her Wii workout.

So give Riiflex a try!