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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Veggie Tales- Pistachio


Big Idea recently offered for me to review their newest release, 

Pistachio: The Little Boy that Woodn’t.

We don’t have a ton of Veggie Tales movies, but I do like them and was happy to add another family friendly option to our collection.

When I asked Charlotte what the movie was about, this is what she said :  (Charlotte is 4)

Pistachio lied about his father being a fisherman but really he was a toymaker.   The father’s name was Gelato.  He learned to obey his father and not to lie.   “Mustachio” (I think she meant Pistachio) got lost, and he remembered that his dad told him to listen.  And then he got swallowed by a whale (I thought at first she got this one confused with Jonah…but no, on further review of the movie, there is definitely a whale scene)  then the whale spit every one back on to the sand. 


Like most Veggie Tales Movies do, Pistachio imitates a well known story, and in this case (you guessed it) it imitates Pinocchio. 
Gelato is the father (a toy maker) and he makes a beautiful wooden toy Pistachio. 

Pistachio has a hard time listening and obeying his father, and is influenced by some bad friends to disobey his dad.  Gelato shares the parable of the shepherd going after the 1 lost sheep and Pistachio remembers this when he gets lost at the fair.  He realizes that his father loves him and that he should have listened to him.

Here is a trailer to the Movie

My thoughts--
It is a great family friendly movie that promotes a Christian Principle.  However the movie itself isn’t necessarily Christian.   It does share a Bible Verse at the end of the movie.

-I think the songs are particularly silly in this movie.  There is of course one “Silly Song”—Where have the Staplers Gone, but the songs seem to all be a little sillier than usual

Charlotte has loved watching this movie, and asks to watch it again and again.  She loves the silly songs.   Carson is not really my tv/movie eat watching child unless it is a Diego movie, and he actually stayed engaged during the movie.

Price-- $14.99
You can buy it at any Christian Book Stores or on Amazon

So if you are looking for something to toss in the Easter Basket, I would consider picking this movie up to add to your collection. 

So…What is your favorite Veggie Tales Movie??

*Big Idea provided me with a copy of “Pistacchio: The Boy that Woodn’t” for the purpose of this review.*



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