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Monday, December 6, 2010


Thanks so much for everyone who participated in last week’s

Stocking Stuffer Giveaway


I chose all the winner’s through…. so I did not choose these winners myself…no bias, no personal picks.   I plugged in the number of comments left, and it gave me a winning number.  Easy as pie. 

So if you won--- Congrats!  Email me ASAP so we can coordinate your prize!  

If you didn’t win---- well, we are all winners anyway, right?? 

So, Drumrolll please……

Totally Desperate Mom
Sadie -- (email me, I don’t have your email)
(Get ready to laugh and cry and read this book in one day. )

Mabel’s Labels
Neat Freak Combo— Melanie Zufall 
            (funny that Ms organized wins a label pack)
Label Out Loud— Shaunna Teuton
            (just in time for Baby #2 to come along)
Label Out Loud Essentials Combo –  Jamie Smith
            (you’ll love these)

Happy Little Lovelies

Maria S –
You my dear, deserve a little lovely in your life

***All readers can get 15% off my entering LITTLELLAMAS in the code at Happy Little Lovelies

Mama Wants Her Body back
Rachel B 
        Do not use this workout while pregnant… 
        Oh wait, you are always pregnant)  :)

CSN Stores
Jaime Bugaski– 
             See, it pays to stalk my blog.  :)

I will try and get in touch with the winners--- some of you will be emailed a code to use on the website.  Others will  be mailed your prize.   Thanks again for participating… and enjoy all these Holiday goodies!



  1. I may be somewhat organized, but my version of labels is called a Sharpie. I sharpie everything. Clothes, sippy cups, toys, etc. Labels will be such an upgrade! Thanks, Carrie!

  2. Yeah, I won!! Love the pregnancy not worry I gave up on exercising while pregnant 2 babies ago!

  3. Congrats to all. I am not crying cuz I know we are all winners :)


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