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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baby Jogger City Elite

We ended up with a Baby Jogger City Elite and we LOVE it! 


Here are some of the stroller’s best features

  • Awesome tires and great suspension
        We glide right over uneven pavement and misplaced 
        bricks in the sidewalk
  • 1 handed fold (see video below)-  One word…Amazing!
  • Storage—it’s great and roomy.
  • Huge sunshade--- people stop me mainly to ask about my sunshade.  (see pics below)
  • Parent “console” pouch.  It holds it all. 
  • Easy to steer one handed.  This is critical when you are walking 4 kids to school (we do a carpool walkpool with a neighbor down the road) and pushing a stroller.  I need to be able to hold a hand while crossing the road.  I can with this stroller…easily.
  • Adjustable handle pushbar—great for the 5’4 mom and the 6’4 dad. 

Check out the awesome Sunshade…

IMG_0137    IMG_0141IMG_0138      IMG_0139


And the Great Recline…
Goes to an almost complete flat recline.


One Handed Fold

Just in case you don’t believe all those claims of
“one handed fold”…
We’ve heard that before from stroller companies…

But this one… they really mean One Handed Fold.
It is THE easiest stroller to fold I have ever had.


(note—Sorry about the plumbing van behind me…I can’t choose who parks on the street on any given day.  And I realize I actually used 2 hands in the first part of this clip… if you have 2 hands, why not use them?  But really I often only grab it with one hand and use the other to help carry the weight of the stroller.)

Things to consider

  • No drink holder
    (but I can fit a bottle of water or coffee thermos in the parent console)
  • Have to buy adapter for carseat
  • It is a pricier stroller, but worth it.  If you are a city dweller, I think a quality stroller is a necessity. 
  • My model is a 2009.  The 2010 is slightly different in that it has a hand break instead of foot break, forever tires, and a firmer back I believe.
  • The City Elite is not intended for Jogging/running.  Though the front tire can lock and I have taken mine for a light jog.  If you are a serious runner, I would look into the Summit or the Fit Jogger (both Baby Jogger Brands)  or other strollers intended for running. 

**I am a deal finder---

You can often find great steals on quality baby gear.  With my stroller, I purchased a 2009 model, even though the 2010 model had just come out…saving me over 30%.  I also encourage friends to look at sites like or for deals on strollers or coupon codes. 



Adapters or Accessories you can buy

  • Drink Holder
  • Car seat adapter
  • Baby bassinet/pram (soft or hard)
  • Rain cover (though off brands work well with it)
  • Foot muff
             (a JJ Cole Toddler Bundle me is working great for us)
  • Hand muff
         (this looks awesome! and totally wish I had one this winter!)
  • Belly Bar for front of stroller
  • Child Tray
  • Glider Board for toddlers to ride on back
        (stay tuned for a review of the Glider board!)


For those who don’t need the big tires involved with the City Elite, but want something more than an umbrella, I would suggest a
City Mini.  I see these ALL over Capitol Hill.  It is like a rainbow of City Mini Strollers at the park!  And just like the City Elite, it has the amazing, one handed fold where you just pull a strap.  

For those who want a more hi-tech stroller, with many options, including transforming into a double… you should consider the
City Select.  It is a phenomenal stroller, that if I had 2 babies so close together again, there is no doubt I would want this stroller.


There are 16 different configurations for the double. Amazing.

Best Double Strollers: Baby Jogger City Select

*Disclaimer--  I purchased the above mentioned Baby Jogger City Elite myself, and the above views are my own opinion.   I was sent a Baby Jogger Glider Board to enjoy and review (coming soon).



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