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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Imagination Movers

I was so excited when US Family Guide offered a group of bloggers tickets to some shows they were promoting in multiple cities.   I scanned the list of cities and spotted Washington, DC and the show coming was Imagination Movers from Disney Jr.

So last Thursday, I packed up my crew and headed across town to Lisner Auditorium on the Campus of George Washington.   This auditorium was the perfect size in my opinion for a kids concert like this.


The opening act was Choo Choo Soul and they really got everyone excited and movin!


I was so impressed with how the venue and the concert staff handled such a large crowd of children.  It felt safe and contained (had people at every exit so there would be no “escapees”),  
allowing parents to relax and enjoy the show with their children!


Each of the Movers Made a special grand entrance and they all came out into the crowd and into the aisles throughout the show.


The crowds went just a little crazy when “Nina” came out. 
Let’s just say she has  some admirers!

IMG_0060      IMG_0058

It was a really well done show that kept both children and parents in awe!  It was so fun to see my children so excited.


The absolute highlight of the evening came when an alarm sounded from the “FUN-O-METER” and Confetti fell from the ceiling.


I mean, just look at Charlotte’s face… Pure Joy.

Overall, it was a great show, and a fun family experience.   Our concert time was 7:00pm and we got out at 8:45.  So if you have an early sleep time, you might want to consider that.  (Helen was getting pretty tired)  We were able to enjoy the show, while also avoiding the “Souvenir” booth and snack bar.  HA!   My kids have never been to a show like this, so they didn’t really know they existed. 

Some suggestions on going to shows with kids--

  • Dress your kids in distinct outfits and remember what they are wearing.  There are MASS amounts of children, and kids go out in the aisles and up to the stage.  You could easily get separated.    This would be a great event to write your phone number on your child’s wrist in case you are separated. 
  • Bring your own glow sticks/necklaces, party horns, instruments.  Anything that will help you enjoy the show!
  • Have everyone well fed before hand, and go potty right when you get to the venue.
  • We sat in the middle section of a lower level (close to the stage)  This was ideal for seeing the performers out in the aisles and in the crowd.   I am not sure the price difference in tickets, but I would suggest to sit as close to the stage/aisles as possible. 
  • Leave all theater etiquette at home.  Stand up, walk through the row to get to the aisle.  Let your kids kneel on the seat.  Move down to avoid “Aunt Betty’s” big hair.   Let loose and let your children enjoy the fun!


So, if you have an opportunity to go to fun shows with your kids, do it!  You can often find great prices on tickets through promotions, and Deal Sites.  One in particular that often has discount tickets for events is Goldstar

** Disclosure **
US Family Guide Provided me with 4 tickets to this show.  The thoughts and opinions above are my own.



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