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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby Jogger Glider Board

I posted a few weeks ago a review of my Baby Jogger City Elite Stroller.  Today , I bring you a review of the recently released, long anticipated Glider Board.

The Glider Board---
  • Attaches to any Baby Jogger Stroller in the City Series--Mini, Elite, and Select or the Baby Jogger Summit.   
          (I really don’t know if it works on other brands) 

  • Holds up to 45 lbs

  • Allows the angle of the board to be adjusted

  • Can pull out or in (closer to stroller) depending on the needs of the child

  • Easily folds up  and straps to stroller when child not on the board.

  • Wheels pop right off for easy folding.

  • The Glider board is current $69 on Amazon.

You easily attach the Glider Board by clipping it on your back axle, and tightening the straps.
You can then pull out the Glider Board.   And in the middle of writing this review I decided I just needed to video it--- it would make SO much more sense! 

Please humor me by watching this hilarious video.  I am SO not cut out for video reporting.  And why does the still image always stop on a horrible place in the video??

Helen holding on with handle bar above her.  My preferred position for younger/shorter children.
Helen holding on with Handle Bar lower.  Shorter children could actually hold the handlebar (like H is doing) , while parent holds the the above cross bar.  Or with older children, I’d have them hold above on the cross bar, and parent holds the handlebar under their arms. 

Things to consider
  • Only works up to 45 lbs.  So Charlotte it too big (and too tall) though Carson still works great on it. 

  • With the City Elite, the Handlebar needs to be adjusted depending on where you child’s chin and head hit.  With smaller children I find putting the handle Above them works best (see above pic) and with older and taller children the handle bar kind of hits them in the head, so I find putting the handlebar down, and you holding the handlebar under their arms works better. I think this isn’t as much of an issue with the City Select.

  • You need to teach your children “we only get off when the stroller is stopped”.  Especially rambunctious boys (ahem, maybe like mine)  who will think this is a super cool kind of skateboard…. if they bounce off real fast, or lean back, the weight pulling on the stroller can tip it back.  Children do not need to lean back, or bounce, or try and “skate” with this board.  They need to just stand up straight and hold on and simply enjoy the ride.   

  • Leaving the Glider board attached makes it harder to fold up the stroller.  You have to lift up the Glider Board (attach with straps) and then you pop off the wheels (I toss them in the storage basket below).  The easy fold  techniques still works, its just doesn’t quite fold as flat. 

    But, the Glider board is SO easy to attach, that I don’t mind just popping it on and off when I need it. 

Overall thoughts and opinions
  • Great for when you just are past the point of needing a double stroller.  I want my kids to be walking, so a double stroller is not practical for me.  But there are times when it’s just too far of a walk.  12-15 blocks is about our kids’ max.  It is nice in those times to let them walk a little and ride a little. 

  • Would be great for Disney or other trips like that when your non strolling child might need an occasional lift.

  • Not seeing how practical it is for someone in the suburbs (you wouldn’t use it a brisk exercise walk), but someone who lives in the city and uses a stroller as a main source of transportation, this is a great add-on.

**I was provided a Glider Board by Baby Jogger for my personal use to test and review.   The above thoughts are my own opinion.


  1. Your comments posted throughout the Vlog cracked me up!

  2. i don't even need a stroller anymore; i only watched b/c you said it was an embarrassing video:) i love the comments too. and i think helen's shoes are on backwards...or either her legs are.